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Gigi CASATI is a Trainer Instructor and Full Cave Instructor Evaluator    [NEXT COURSE SCHEDULE]


Why to take part in a course with Luigi Casati?

My training as a diver began 30 years ago and is the fruit of an hard work that has taken me to move underwater with the maximum semplicity and elegance. After 30 years of diving, of which the most part engaged to the maximum levels in the exploration of all types of flooded environments, I have refined and fully developed immersion techiques.

The courses are tailor made to the abilites and necessity of the canditates, developing their knowledge of the risks and supplying them with the instruments in order to face these risks in the maximim security.


Who can take part in a course with Gigi?

All those people, beginning from the Open Water Diver level, that want, at first, to learn to remain immersed with spontaneity and confidence in the most precious liquid of the planet earth and then, if enthusuastic, to perfect themselves following in the tracks of the teacher.



The course will be held in France, in the evocative region of the Lot, European paradise for cave diving, rich in didactically perfect sources for the development of the training procedure.

A maximum of three candidates at any one time, who must have a minimum of 100 logged dives, can participate on the “Intro to the Cave” course.

A maximum of three candidates at any one time, who must be in possession of the ”Intro Cave” certification, can participate in the “Full Cave” course.

The exercises will be executed initially on dry land and, subsequently each candidate will individually repeat them in the water under the direct control of the instructor.

Those with “Intro Cave” qualifications will, respecting their certification limits, be able to join as dive assistants, in the expeditions organized by me within the "Prometeo Ricerche" Association’s project.



These courses will take place in Lecco, at the new centre of "Prometheus Research", where there is a classroom for lectures and a gas blending and filling system of 30 cubic meters. During the year, recreational and technical diving courses are organised which range from Nitrox to Ipoxic Trimix.

The course will be the "Full-Immersion" type, with variable duration, according to the level of learning.

For each course, the number of the participants is limited to three divers, for didactic reasons.

Beyond the half-closed circuit (SCR) and closed circuit (CCR) courses, simple tests for the use of these  will be organized.



Propaedeutic speleological diving courses are held in collaboration with Italian Alpine Club (C.A.I.) – National Speleological School.


ATTENTION: Levels and dates of the courses are also definable according to student's request

If you are interested, please contact Gigi for further information about next Courses... Email [E-M@il]


Cave Diving Manual (by Luigi Casati): [Buy on web]


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