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Prometheus is a noted character from Greek mythology. According to tradition, the Titan created men, modelling them from clay and, besides being their demiurge, became their benefactor.

He made men rational and thinking beings, he taught them arts and crafts and, last but not least, he gave them a dignified and productive life by giving them fire which he had stolen from his fellow gods. The outrage incited the anger of Zeus who inflicted Prometheus with a terrible punishment. Not even this convinced him to submit himself to the divine order.

Without entering into the merits of the various interpretations that the myth has had in the course of the centuries, the “Prometeo” association wishes to highlight some of the positive characteristics of this great personage, such as the wisdom, the intelligence, the strong attachment to his mission, his free spirit of initiative, and his emancipation from any dependence. The association wants to adopt these values.

The “Prometeo” Association creates, develops and realizes a variety of underwater speleological projects strengthened by important technical and scientific contributions. It wishes to become a reference point for those who are interested in promoting and taking part in explorations and speleological research at advanced levels.

The reference person is Luigi Casati which is supported, from time to time, by some of the most experienced European cave divers from: Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland.

”Prometeo” wants to establish a network of active exchanges for the development of scientific research in the specific fields of geology, hydrology, biology, palaeontology, archaeology, etc…

We already have many close ties with academics, particularly with Professors and Doctors of Philosophy who are interested in developing their studies along side our exploratory projects. Moreover, the willingness to respond to physiological unknowns that are created every time a dive takes place at the highest levels, has created the premise for a flourishing collaboration with some Italian and French hyperbaric doctors. Using the data (time, depth, type and quantity of gas used,…) obtained from our exploratory dives have given them the opportunity not only improve their research, but also to update their medical-treatment protocols.

The association undertakes to document its cave diving operations with photos, videos and reports. The images that were collected have been presented at some of the most important events regarding the documentation of sport, besides being broadcast within television programmes on various international networks.

The slides were projected during conferences guested by speleological, diving and cultural events taking place in various European locations.

The results of “Prometeo” researches and explorations are constantly published in important magazines of diving, cave diving, caving and others sectors.


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