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Logistic of Recreational and Technical Courses with Luigi CASATI:


Courses location...

Practical training will take place in Lake Lecco (north Italy), followed by sessions of theory c/o the diving centre Prometeo Ricerche in the town of Lecco. The dive centre is equipped with many types of scuba equipment to try and has a very modern system for refilling of tanks.


What about diving in a lake...

The easiest answer is: for sheer diving pleasure and to be in a safe environment that allows us to practice with the highest attention to scuba skills. Everything will come second to skills execution and mental control of our abilities.


Some logistic info...

The Prometeo Ricerche diving centre is the meeting point. We meet there for lessons on theory, to plan dives, expeditions and many trips. The diving centre is very close to excellent diving spots encompassing rocky lake bottoms and beautiful reefs.

We can dive in the lake all year round no matter if the weather is good or bad; there is always a diving site protected from winds and rain allowing us to dive everyday.

The site is chosen taking into consideration the diver’s skills and type of course, always with the highest level of safety being the uppermost consideration.

In every course the first dive is done to evaluate the diver’s skills and experience in order to tailor the following dives to personal needs. We dive, on average for an hour, considering diver air consumption and types of exercises executed.

Water temperature is variable from 25°C in Summer to 7°C in Winter. Visibility is variable as well, from 15m in Winter to 2m in late Spring.



In town there are several nice, friendly and cheap B&Bs, but it is also possible to stay in hotels.

Lake Lecco and surroundings are very famous for touristy, cultural and natural attractions able to also entertain non diving partners who will not get bored.


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