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CAVE DIVING CLASSES in the LOT department (France): Photos


Arrived in the Lot: the daily frenzy is substituted with animal patience


Fields of poppies


Return to the Middle Ages: Calvignac is one of the characteristic villages of the Lot
The Devil’s Castle at Cabreret


St.Cirq Lapopie: picturesque village in the outskirts of Cabreret


From above at St.Cirq Lapopie the valley of the Lot is dominated


Characteristic residences of the region


Rocamadour: one of the most visited touristic places of France


Rocamadour: the houses are built on the cliff


Rocamadour by night


Rapacious in flight in the sky of Rocamadour


Vultures at take-off from the Rocher des Aigles at Rocamadour


Vulture in attack


Rocher des Aigles: daily presentation of different predator bird shows in free flight. The assignment is sensitization, the protection of the species and the conservation of the natural habitat


Rocher des Aigles: the show includes various parrots


Rocher des Aigles: an eagle


Rocher des Aigles: the snow owl


The Camping site at Marcilhac Sur Célé is where we stay during the cave diving classes


The area with the tents of the students. In the camping area trailers or bungalows can be rented


In the camping site ducks and geese are lodged too



In the periods of the cave diving classes the camp site usually is almost empty. Therefore we have a vast area for practicing at disposition: length marking of the line


With the lenght marking of the line I catch two flies with one clap: for the whole season I will have the reels ready for the explorations and the students will become familiar with the preparation of those


Ready for an act of vandalism...?!?!
(see the following picture!!)


At times it is necessary to modify the equipments. (Naturally with the consent of the owner)


The exercises at the dry  are many. The Demelage, for example stimulates the sadistic phantasy of various students


The cavalry has gone as well as the medioeval; even if we find ourselves in a medioeval atmosphere... nobody is saved


Comments among students


At times the exercise comes out well. Each one is amused in his/her way: there is someone who jumps around on one foot


Someone is kneeing because he hopes to resolve the problem with more comfort


Someone simulates "Bruce Lee" positions


Someone is asked what is happening while another one is amused


Briefing before the dive in the Ressel Spring


Exercises (at the dry) with sidemount tanks "English style" (frontal view)
[Full-Cave Class]


Exercises (at the dry) with sidemount tanks "English style" (lateral view)
[Full-Cave Class]


Exercises (under water) with sidemount tanks "English style"
[Full-Cave Class]


Exercises (under water) with sidemount tanks "English style"
[Full-Cave Class]


Trou Madame: the "comfortable" access to the water


Trou Madame: Fresh water that fills with new energy


Exit of the Trou Madame after the exercises


Guide line exercises at the Ressel


Guide line exercises at the Ressel


Guide line exercises at the Ressel


Guide line exercises at the Ressel


Exercises at the Ressel


Test of " Décapeler" at the Ressel
[Full-Cave Class]


The entry of the Landenouse


In the entrance pool of Cabouy


Font de Trouffe: entry of the spring




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